Our Prayer Wall . . .

Thank The following prayers have been submitted to be included on our Prayer Wall.  We encourage you to check back here often AND PRAY.  If you would like to submit a prayer - either praise or concern, please fill out the form below.  Thank  You!


In General, we pray for: Pandemic to be over soon and things to get back to “normal" Patience and discernment for our country - Almighty God, Hear our Prayers Specifically, we pray for: Kathy S. who is still trying to figure out what is causing major pain. Lacy W's aunt Libby had a heart attack Larry & Elizabeth S. for peace  Almighty God, Hear our Prayers Jennalee R. asks prayers for her mom CeAnne O. has back surgery this week Ernie and Vivian S. for their health  Almighty God, Hear our Prayers Melissa M's ask for prayers for friends in Indiana. Her friend Mike died from COVID. His wife Connie is healing, but is devastated. -Dug C. for continued health concerns, -Peace for Steve and Liza P. and their family Jerry B, He’s been at Texsan since yesterday, he had an angiogram yesterday - Almighty God, Hear our Prayers And God, we give you thanks and Praise for: Rick & Leslie Rector are celebrating 40 years of marriage! Roberta Himebrook's heart doctors say she can return to normal activities! Thankful for the health of our community Michelle Navarro’s COVID test came back negative and she is allowed to return to work. - and for Graduating Seniors - Almighty God, Hear our Prayers


General: -Discernment during this pandemic -For people serving our community in hospitals, in grocery stores, in restaurants and so many others -Peace for parents at home all day every day with toddlers -Graduating Seniors and their parents Concerns: -Dug for continued health concerns, possible pneumonia -Peace for Steve and Liza and their family -Anissa - still battling cancer, hopeful it has not spread, wanting to avoid surgeries at this time, thankful for support -Randy & his brother Bubba are traveling to Minnesota for Bubba to have a special surgery, prayers for surgery and travel -Lacy multiple family members are really struggling, she is still in North Carolina and waiting for the best time to return home -Kathy - pain in abdomen and leg and trying to find the source and find relief -Robert waiting on test to find out the cause of a irregular heart beat -Amanda & family in strict quarantine in South Africa, peace for them -Bettie Jo for her friend Jim who is battling cancer and it is getting bad -Vivian & Ernie's health and healing -Larry & Elizabeth’s family - peace and health -Michelle - waiting on test results, working on the front lines is stressful -CeAne - Back surgery is scheduled for May 28, pain relief and healing -Faye - is not feeling well -Becky had a CAT scan on abdomen, waiting on results -Everett injured his back Praise: -mother-To-be is celebrating the health and safety of their surrogate mom and baby. -Evelyn's sister Lillian is getting better every day. -Joyce has been approved for in-home dialysis -Graduating Seniors


Prayers foe Bob and Vera. Bob has been in VA hospital again for about 2 weeks - he has lost 35lbs of fluid from his legs. If the new meds work, he'll be going home next week.


Please prayers for the Duennenberg family. God knows


We give our gratitude of love and forgiveness for all his children each and every day through our journeys in life our vision/ understanding are so small in HIS plan. For people who are ill, out of work Worried about loved ones they cannot be near during these scary times Thanksgiving that our community has been relatively healthy through this pandemic Almighty God, Hear our Prayer Specifically, we Pray for: Roberta (Himebrook) had a heart cath, but did not need a stint, Almighty God, Hear our Prayer CeAnne (Ochel) has an upcoming back surgery, Almighty God, Hear our Prayer Larry (Scott) and Family, Almighty God, Hear our Prayer Sheila (Fries) who had a brain bleed and a small stroke, went to hospital, but is now home, Almighty God, Hear our Prayer For Rob Sandidge, Almighty God, Hear our Prayer Karen (Hoskelis) and family as they mourn her mother’s passing, Almighty God, Hear our Prayer   Praise Todd (Nightingale) and his crew.The fire was put out and they have returned home. Almighty God, Hear our Prayer

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