Blessings in a Backpack

Hunger doesn't take the weekend off and neither do we!!!!

Some about Blessings . . .

Blessings In a Backpack is a national non-profit organization with chapters in 45 states and Washington D.C. and has a national office in Louisville, Kentucky. The BIB program provides food to children living in poverty who qualify for the federal meal program at school during the week, but often go hungry on the weekends. The program not only helps to alleviate childhood hunger, but children served by BIB nationwide have been shown to have improved attendance, behavior, reading skills, and test scores in school.

Trudy & Hal Moench began working with Blessings In a Backpack as the Local Program Coordinators in Bandera, TX in 2015. They had been working with BIB in Boerne, TX for two years and decided they needed to get the program working where they lived, in Bandera, TX, where an estimated 700+ elementary school children in Alkek and Hill Country Elementary Schools qualify for the program.

Trudy and Hal began by talking with several church pastors in the community. After talking with the Pastor, he presented the opportunity to the Bandera United Methodist Church Board and they offered free use of much needed air-conditioned storage facilities, volunteers and a place to fill the backpacks weekly.


Each local BIB chapter operates independently and must raise money to purchase all the food they provide. There are no overhead or administrative costs associated with the program which costs an estimated $100 per child for a school year. As word got out about the program, contributors began to step forward, both individuals and companies, and by September 2015, the local Bandera BIB Chapter was off and running. Initially starting with 50 children at Alkek, the program is now up to 100 at Alkek and 50 at Hill Country Elementary.


How can you help? We need your prayers. We need donations of 1-lb jars of peanut butter. We need your financial donations and we need your volunteer help.